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Visual Identity

Re-Branding for two related cultural institutions: 'The American-Scandinavian Foundation' (ASF) and 'Scandinavia House'

Commissioned by: eyeball
CD: TJ McCormick

'The American-Scandinavian Foundation is the bridge that enables firsthand exchange of intellectual and creative influence between the United States and the Nordic countries. Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America was created by the American- Scandinavian Foundation to promote the artistic and intellectual influence of the Nordic countries among visitors.'

The re-branding consists of a full range of both shared and individual designs for the two identities such as logos, brand elements and guidelines, wayfinding, printed programming material, online media and mailing.



Style Guide

Brand Guide Line Samples

ASF Branding

Color Palette

Scandinavia House Branding

Generative Logo System


Logo Adaptation Examples


Program, Signage and Web Icons


Print Templates for Weekly Program and Floor Directory

Front Desk Signage

On Site

Scandinavia House

Frosted Glass Entrance Signage

Frosted Glass Entrance Signage (Detail)

Street Level Applications

Building Facade

Entrance, Digital Billboard, Social Engagement Wallpaper

Print Collateral

Event Promotion Rack Cards


Pocket Folder Cover (Detail)

Stationery Samples


Letters, Forms and Documents

Tote Bag

Color-Me Logo Print

UI Design

ASF and Scandinavia House online
Commissioned by: eyeball
CD: TJ McCormick

Scandinavia House Homepage Design

Scandinavia House Calendar Page Design

Scandinavia House Section Page Design

Scandinavia House Article Page Design

Scandinavia House Homepage responsiveness

ASF Homepage Design

ASF Section Page Design

ASF Homepage responsiveness

Digital Media

Newsletter Templates

Style guide for digital media